Why Choose Food Phyt?

1. FRESH!    FOOD PHYT is always FRESH! 
• Harvested twice each week, so it’s always fresh (not sitting for weeks before being sold).

2. DENSE!    FOOD PHYT is always DENSE
• Density is measured using a Secchi Stick to obtain the Secchi Disk Depth (SDD).
• Food Phyt has an SDD OF 15 or better! Most phytoplankton sources won’t come close!  

3. SUPERIOR QUALITY!    FOOD PHYT only uses SUPERIOR ingredients in its cultures!

• Made using the perfect amount of a quality two-part F/2 Algae Food (NEVER Miracle Grow)!

• Sterilized, RO/DI water and quality synthetic sea salt. 

• All equipment, tubes, vessels, containers, etc. are sterilized with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. 
• The saltwater and F/2 are also sterilized prior to inoculating the live phytoplankton.

• Medical grade air filters are used on each aeration tube!

5. REUSABLE JARS!    FOOD PHYT jars and bottles are REUSABLE!
• FOOD PHYT jars and bottles have wide mouths so you can store just about anything! 
• FOOD PHYT jars and bottles make excellent coral trading containers.

• FOOD PHYT Twin-Neck, Easy Measure bottles can be refilled with fresh phytoplankton!

6. FREE SHIPPING!    ALL FOOD PHYT phytoplankton ships for FREE within CONUS.
• FOOD PHYT is shipped in cardboard boxes, using insulated bubble wrap and ice packs.

7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!    100% Money Back Guarantee!  

• I know you will love Food Phyt, and your reef will too!