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Why Choose Food Phyt?

1. FRESH!    FOOD PHYT is always FRESH! 
• Harvested twice each week, so it’s always fresh (not sitting for weeks before being sold).

2. DENSE!    FOOD PHYT is always DENSE
• Density is measured using a Secchi Stick to obtain the Secchi Disk Depth (SDD).
• Food Phyt has an SDD OF 15 or better! Most phytoplankton sources won’t come close!  

3. SUPERIOR QUALITY!    FOOD PHYT only uses SUPERIOR ingredients in its cultures!

• Made using the perfect amount of a quality two-part F/2 Algae Food (NEVER Miracle Grow)!

• Sterilized, RO/DI water and quality synthetic sea salt. 

• All equipment, tubes, vessels, containers, etc. are sterilized with 91% Isopropyl Alcohol. 
• The saltwater and F/2 are also sterilized prior to inoculating the live phytoplankton.

• Medical grade air filters are used on each aeration tube!

5. REUSABLE JARS!    FOOD PHYT jars and bottles are REUSABLE!
• FOOD PHYT jars and bottles have wide mouths so you can store just about anything! 
• FOOD PHYT jars and bottles make excellent coral trading containers.

• FOOD PHYT Twin-Neck, Easy Measure bottles can be refilled with fresh phytoplankton!

6. FREE SHIPPING!    ALL FOOD PHYT phytoplankton ships for FREE within CONUS.
• FOOD PHYT is shipped in cardboard boxes, using insulated bubble wrap and ice packs.

7. SATISFACTION GUARANTEE!    100% Money Back Guarantee!  

• I know you will love Food Phyt, and your reef will too!

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What is the difference between "Nano" and "Iso?"

  • Nannochloropsis (Nano) oculata (1-5 microns are tiny, non-flagellated, green algae, high in Omega long chains and Omega 3 fatty acids, making it a nutritious food source for filter feeders, copepods, clams, and other sea life.  It also helps fight nuisance algae by consuming several nitrogen waste compounds, such as ammonia, nitrites, and nitrates.  This is even more beneficial if you are prone to overfeeding, adding new livestock, or reducing the frequency of water changes.

  • Isochrysis (Iso) galbana (10-14 microns) are brown bi-flagellate algae high in Omega-3 fatty acids, EPA, and DHA, making it an excellent food source for filter feeders, clams, zooplankton, copepods, brine, clams, etc.  It will also aid in the coloration resilience in corals, clams, oysters, mussels, scallops, and other living sea creatures!

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Reef Smart

29-30 July 22

Raleigh, NC

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